Nutrisystem Works for Both Trial Group and Paying Customers, Study Finds

Food is definitely one of my biggest passions. I believe that good food revives the soul and keeps the body fit and strong. That is why I find blogging about food on my site so healing. I strongly feel that the right kind of food can act as a therapy, and relieve us of our daily stress and give us confidence to face a new tomorrow. Lately, I have been writing more about weight reducing programs because my sister is currently using Nutrisystem in order to get back to her slimmer self.

I have always been vocal about my dissatisfaction with most weight reducing diets that you find out there. I always feel like they are trying to grow hype and popularity in order to gain commercial success instead of actually making an effort to help people and change their lives for the better. A lot of these diets focus on starving customers, and allow them to consume only bland food which no one finds exciting at all! As a result, many people simply give up soon or cheat and go back to high calorie diet without any issues.

My sister Susan, who has diabetes, insisted that Nutrisystem is different. She showed me the different plans they offer in order to meet different demands of customers. Susan followed Nutrisystem D program which is designed specifically for people with diabetes. Like Scott in the video below, she lost weight and regained control of her diabetes.

I found it interesting that Nutrisystem offers a completely different meal plan for pregnant women and young teenagers who need more protein in their system. Then I had a look at their recipes and was amazed. They focused on limiting portions of each dishes, but what they offered was extremely tasty!

My sister always gets their Chicken Alfredo and Blueberry muffins because they are absolutely wonderful to eat!


At first, I was not sure how having such luxurious food items on the list could help one to reduce weight, but after research I realized that Nutrisystem uses only healthy elements to make their food. They offer a very low sodium, less low glycemic carb and high protein infused diet which is good for the body.

Before I decided to opt for Nutrisystem, I wanted to do a thorough check up and see if their diet worked for paying customers. Usually, a lot of these weight reducing programs go through clinical investigations and prove to be successful for trial participants. But they do not deliver the same results for paying customers. Nutrisystem partners up with different academic institutes to carry out clinical trials on its programs and products. It gets grants and donations, as well as data in order to do more research.

I came across the study led by Diabetes Association, which proved that the paying customers and trial members (Type 2 diabetes patients) achieved same weight loss results by following the same portion controlled diet (Nutrisystem). During the study, the weight loss results of clinical trial participants were compared to the results tracked by real paying customers who had recorded their weight online. There were about 5,588 of these customers who had entered their weight twice during their Nutrisystem weight loss: once in the first 14 days and again after 3 months. About 64% of these were women, compared to 74 % of female trial participants. Trial members had a mean initial weight of 111.5 kg, average age of 52.1 years, and Body Mass Index of 39.1 kg/m2. For paying customers, mean age was 52.5 years, body Mass Index was 37.6 kg/m2, and had an average initial weight of 107.5 kg.

After 3 months, mean weight loss for trial members was 8.2kg and for paying customers was again 8.2kg (or 18 lb). This basically proved that weight loss in both cases was a little over 1-2 lb per week. This is exactly what Nutrisystem promised to deliver. No matter what the context, the results were the same for both groups.

I started on Nutrisystem, and I have already reduced my body weight by 3 kgs in the last few weeks! The results are simply amazing. Nutrisystem is not just about weight reduction, it is about focusing on healthy food eating habits which result in a more active lifestyle. And that is why this is the only diet program that I trust.

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