Nutrisystem Improves Arterial Function in Obese Postmenopausal Women


A few days ago, one of my friends who researches in the Florida State University College of Human Sciences sent me a note on one of the studies conducted on Nutrisystem. She knows that I regularly write for my fitness and food blog where I often cover reviews on different weight reducing programs. So when I received the note from her, I was highly intrigued. I had heard of Nutrisystem before, but I recently learnt that it often partners up with different academic institutions to run several clinical trials on its products and programs. They receive in-house donations, grants, and access to de-identified data in order to run different clinical investigations.

About Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem is a very popular pre-packaged meal delivery system in the US, and is responsible for healthy eating amongst adults who are otherwise very busy working at office and do not have enough time to cook good food on their own. I had already written about its different packaged meals which are varied and pretty delicious. Nutrisystem is a portion controlled diet, but it is different from other weight loss programs because it does not endorse bland recipes which are usually no fun to consume. Usually, people on diet find very little motivation to stick to their usual course and end up cheating. I was very happy with the fact that Nutrisystem offered healthy food made with very good ingredients that are low on sodium, low-glycemic carb, and highly packed with protein, minerals and vitamins. According to my research, their meals are focused on a hypocaloric diet (which provides very low calories) and is ideal for obese customers.

However, Nutrisystem’s benefits are many, since it is a hypocaloric diet and is perfect for people who are suffering from Type 2 diabetes. It provides the body with different nutrients while keeping the glucose intake low so that diabetic patients would not have a high glucose content in their blood. This also ensures that their percentage of HbA1c is low, so that they can live a healthier lifestyle. However, this recent research work at the Florida State University College of Human Sciences focuses on the effect of Nutrisystem and low intense resistance exercise in postmenopausal women who are struggling with obesity. This study targeted the effects of the exercise and dietary regimen on women’s adiposity, arterial stiffness and lean mass.

The Effects of Nutrisystem Diet and/or Resistance Exercise on Arterial Stiffness and Adibosity in Obese Women

This investigation was led by Arturo Figueroa, who is one of the top researchers at the academic institute. The trial was run on 41 postmenopausal women who had a body mass index of 33.8+/-0.5 kg/m2—classifying them as obese—and mean age of 54+/-6 years. They were all randomly assigned to three groups, where one was on Nutrisystem diet, the other on only low-intense exercise regimen, and the last one on both. Their average arterial pressure, insulin levels and plasma adikopine were measured before the trial was started.

The result was quite extraordinary. The group on Nutrisystem alone, and the team on Nutrisystem and low intense resistance training program, showed decrease in the trunk-fat mass, body weight and serum concentration of leptin. Leg lean mass decreased only in case of the group that was based on Nutrisystem alone. Mean arterial pressure decreased in all three groups, and leg muscle strengthened with only diet and exercise, but not on diet alone.

The numbers indicate that low-intense resistance training program was not essential in decreasing body weight, as Nutrisystem alone did a very efficient job regarding this case. However, adding the exercise program to the diet helped in preserving lean mass, and increased muscle strength.

So women who have hit their menopause and are struggling with obesity can use Nutrisystem to efficiently lose weight and live a healthier life. This research proves just how effective this diet plan is in helping people to stay active and happy.

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