Five healthy foods that give you fat and weight

Have you been on a diet but feel as if you are not really dieting at all? That is indeed a very bad feeling because you see that your dieting endeavors are in vain. In this article, we are exploring 5 healthy foods that could be causing you to pack on the pounds and you don’t even know it.

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#1 Mini Pretzels

mini pretzelsA bowl of mini Pretzels that looks to be absolutely fine, they are fat-free, no added sugar, can actually do great harm to your diet. If you end up eating a whole bowl of mini Pretzels or even a 15oz. container in a couple of days, you actually are eating the carbohydrates equivalent of 34 slices of white bread.

This is because mini Pretzels actually have compacted flour and carbs which is like eating real sugar.

#2 Wrap

Many people that I am on a diet so let’s have a wrap. So, you put on your ingredients like meat, some lettuces, pieces of tomatoes wrapped in this wrap. Certainly, the content of the wrap is 100% healthy, what is not healthy is the wrap itself. This wrap has 210 calories and 35grs. of carbohydrates in it. So, the calories you take from this wrap is equivalent to two large pieces of waffles.

A good and healthy choice would be to use a green, Spinach wrap or use your Lettuces as your wrap.

#3 Trail Mix

trail mixTrail mix is a huge hidden source of fat and calories. At a first glance, a bowl of Trail mix seems healthy with the Nuts and small pieces of chocolate. However, it contains 300 calories and 20-25grs of sugar which is equivalent to two large pieces of cake. So, Nuts are certainly very healthy food to eat, great source of calories but they are very densely packed with calories.

A good choice would be to eat just a few Nuts with some small pieces of dark chocolate so avoid consuming big portions of calories and sugar.

#4 Veggie Chips

Veggies Chips appear to be super healthy and low-calorie, low-card food. However, ¼ cup of Veggie Chips is equivalent to calories of 3 Chocolate Chip cookies. Additionally, ¼ cup of Veggie Chips has the exact same portion of Sodium as Bloody Mary.

# Sugary Coffee

coffeeSugary Coffee or coffee drinks like latte, cappuccino, macchiato, mocha and Americano have a great taste but they are absolutely packed with hidden sugar and calories. A cup of latte every day in a period of time of one year is exactly equivalent to 39lbs of sugar per year. So, just by drinking a sugary coffee, you sabotage your weight-loss efforts straight away.

A good and healthy choice for you would be to drink coffee with absolutely no added flavors and no sugar whatsoever.  In that way, you will definitely find yourself losing some pounds.

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