Nutrisystem Works Even During the Holiday Season, Study Finds

Nutrisystem on Holidays

With Thanksgiving coming up, I had been feeling quite anxious about my weight. Having grown up obese most of my childhood, it took me several failed dieting experiments as a teenager to figure out that losing weight is not a very easy task. College years were more merciful as I could successfully live off salads and water most of the days, but my profession provided me with a difficult challenge that made me spiral into my bad food eating habits.

As a high school teacher, you do not really have a lot of time to cook healthy food on a daily basis. This means that for the last five years, I have been frequenting nearby restaurants and diners to get my lunch and take outs for dinners. My diet was compromised, and I started to gain weight until last year when I decided that I have had enough. It was the previous year’s holiday season that got me close to the edge.

My Thanksgiving dinners are spent at my parent’s home and then we continue to Christmas meals specials and New Year’s feast. During these few weeks I have no control over my food. Being a part of a large family meant that home cooking would automatically become a grand affair where everyone would be trying to feed me anything they thought was ‘good’ for me.

My parents are excellent cooks, and this made it really difficult to say no to extra helpings. Even though I did have an amazing time, my fun crash landed when the guy my parents had set me up on a date with dumped me before New Year’s because I was “too fat for his taste”.

From then on, I had been extremely vigilant about my diet, and I have never slipped up even for once. However, there was a problem. The diet I was on focused on starving customers instead of providing their bodies with adequate nutrition. This meant that I would go on for days without much energy to focus on my work. Also, it did not help that their food was bland and tasteless which made me want to throw up.

Finally, Nutrisystem came to my rescue. I was quite surprised to see that they delivered excellent dishes which were not only varied but quite tasty (see photo below)!

Nutrisystem food

This is a portion controlled diet which delivers food with less sodium low-glycemic carb and high protein. It also ensures that its prescribed meals are packed with high amount of vitamins, minerals and right kind of fat that would help the body to stay energetic and strong. I have been on the Nutrisystem diet for over a few months, and I can already see the result!

However recently I was concerned that this diet will not help me to lose and control weight as I spend my holidays at my parents’ home. I started to do some research, and came across several clinical investigations that were conducted to prove the efficiency of Nutrisystem. One of the studies was on the benefits of Nutrisystem during the holiday season. This perked my interest. I read that in the years 2006-2009, customers who were on Nutrisystem diet were selected and their weights were documented. These customers had gotten on Nutrisystem during the Holiday season. There were about 10,215 members chosen with an average weight of 91 kg, mean age of 46.3 years, and Body Mass Index of 32.2 kg/m2. After the period of 6 weeks during holiday season, their weights were measured again and it was found that the average weight loss was 5.5 lbs, which means almost 1 lb per week. This meant that not only did the customers control their weight gain, but also reduced it while eating traditional high-calorie food from holiday season along with their Nutrisystem diet.

This was a great incentive for me to continue with the Nutrisystem program. Nutrisystem often partners with academic institutions and gets in-house grants in order to run clinical trials on its products. This helps it to evolve and provide maximum positive impact on its customers. Now that I know that my Nutrisystem meal plan will help me to reduce weight during the holidays, I will be able to leave my fear of weight gain aside and enjoy the holidays with people I love!

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