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Afmnet.ca is a site about food research, with a focus on Nutrisystem. I came to know the Nutrisystem diet after my sister was diagnosed with diabetes. She used this food system successfully not only to lose her extra weight, but also to lower her HbA1c and achieve a better glycemic control.

With the pre-packaged meals that are delivered to your door, Nutrisystem, has been proven to help people with diabetes control their blood sugar levels. Moreover, this food system prevent loss of lean muscle mass in post-menopausal women, and helps people lose weight even during the holiday season. I have blogged extensively about the research that has been conducted on the effects of the Nutrisystem food here.

Being a busy biology teacher, preparing food everyday is not always attainable. I have found Nutrisystem very convenient myself. As a portion controlled diet, this food plan teaches you to eat several small meals throughout the day, which not only makes you feel full but also keeps your blood sugar levels more stable.

If you want to learn more about Nutrisystem, share your personal food story, or write an article for my blog (guest post), please contact me at Christina_afm@aol.com.

I believe Nature provides answers when we look closer. As a result, we can enjoy better and healthier foods. Nutrisystem is the result of 40 years of experimentation and food research, that has led to new ideas and new technologies that improved our well-being.


Seattle, 2015

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