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Alkaline Water a Mixed Bag, But Mostly Bad

Neutral water has a pH value of 7, while acidic water has a pH value of less than 7. Alkaline water, on the other hand, has a pH of more than 7. There have been claims and counterclaims about the benefits of drinking alkaline water, but today, it’s time to lay bare all the facts – good or bad.

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Food Research

Nutrisystem Improves Arterial Function in Obese Postmenopausal Women


A few days ago, one of my friends who researches in the Florida State University College of Human Sciences sent me a note on one of the studies conducted on Nutrisystem. She knows that I regularly write for my fitness and food blog where I often cover reviews on different weight reducing programs. So when I received the note from her, I was highly intrigued. I had heard of Nutrisystem before, but I recently learnt that it often partners up with different academic institutions to run several clinical trials on its products and programs. They receive in-house donations, grants, and access to de-identified data in order to run different clinical investigations. read more »

Food Research

Does Nutrisystem for Diabetics Work? Research Says Yes

Nutrisystem works for diabetics

If you have been reading my blog posts for a while, you would already know that for the last few weeks I had been focused on weight reducing diets. My reviews had been based on their rate of success, the pros and cons and how convenient they are to follow. But today, I am going to focus on another danger that is associated with our food eating habit. About a month ago, my sister was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. This basically meant that her body was not producing enough insulin, and this increased the amount of glucose in her blood. read more »

Food Research

Does Nutrisystem Really Help to Lower Hba1c in Diabetic Patients?

This is a guest post by Maria Doukas

For the last couple of weeks, most of my colleagues at office were bringing pre-packaged meals from Nutrisystem to eat during lunch hours. One colleague, who is also my best friend from office, told me that she has started with this new diet plan to reduce body weight and control her diabetic symptoms. I was of course quite skeptical at first. I am not quite uninformed when it comes to weight reducing programs. When I was a young kid, I had a lot of angst and depression because I was overweight. My mother had tried multiple diets on me to ensure that I ate less. The meals she cooked were basically boiled, which means that I had to eat bland food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. read more »

Food Research

Nutrisystem Works for Both Trial Group and Paying Customers, Study Finds

Food is definitely one of my biggest passions. I believe that good food revives the soul and keeps the body fit and strong. That is why I find blogging about food on my site so healing. I strongly feel that the right kind of food can act as a therapy, and relieve us of our daily stress and give us confidence to face a new tomorrow. Lately, I have been writing more about weight reducing programs because my sister is currently using Nutrisystem in order to get back to her slimmer self. read more »

Food Research

Nutrisystem Works Even During the Holiday Season, Study Finds

Nutrisystem on Holidays

With Thanksgiving coming up, I had been feeling quite anxious about my weight. Having grown up obese most of my childhood, it took me several failed dieting experiments as a teenager to figure out that losing weight is not a very easy task. College years were more merciful as I could successfully live off salads and water most of the days, but my profession provided me with a difficult challenge that made me spiral into my bad food eating habits. read more »