Food Research Proves that Nutrisystem is a Total Success

This year, April 7 was a watershed moment in my life. As it was World’s Health Day, chief researchers and nutritionists from the US were called to attend a conference in Canada that focused on several aspects of diet food programs like Nutrisystem, and to redefine what a proper nutrition should entail. Having written and published over five books on quick and healthy recipes for today’s generation, I have often been given the opportunity to go around and hold group presentations on matters that relate to our health and work ethics. A lot of people usually believe that these two factors are unrelated, but in my opinion, one always affects the other and it is therefore quite crucial to rethink and restructure what we eat and how we work in order to live a healthier lifestyle.

On World’s Healthy Day, I finally got an opportunity to share my cooking recipes which were chosen and developed with the help of several researchers who are quite invested in the Nutrisystem food program. One of these recipes, you can see below:

Customers can use the Nutrisystem discounts to buy these pre-packed meals and relish the taste of good and healthy food without harming their bodies.

Food Synergy

My passion for healthy cooking has been based on the idea of nutrition synergy, which was propagated by a PhD scholar and researcher, David Jacobs. He stated that synergy explains how food often interacts with our body in many complex ways. While eating food closest to its natural form is the best option for us, we need to remember that different types of foods will always interact with each other and affect our body in myriad of ways. People usually chart out their grocery list depending on the amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fiber and antioxidants that are present in different food ingredients. But often, they do not know which ingredients will complement each other and provide maximum nutrition to the body.

In December 2004, the Journal of Nutrition presented an experiment where prostate tumors grew much lesser in rats who were given tomatoes and broccoli instead of rats who were given only either broccoli or tomato. Both broccoli and tomatoes are full of cancer eliminating substances which work more effectively when these items are consumed together. Such facts helped me to devise meal plans which have been very helpful for people who are already working in an environment where health awareness is at an all time low.

Over the last few years, my work has led me to the doors of Nutrisystem, a food system that not only provides the best pre-package meal delivery diet in the US, but also works in sync with several researchers and dietitians who advise on the best food items that should be consumed for maintaining perfect health.

Nutrisystem food

Photo: Nutrisystem Food

At Nutrisystem, I can help the team to pack and deliver meals that are not limited in terms of their portions and sizes, but are made with all natural and fresh ingredients that are low on fat and carbs but high in good protein and fiber. Also, most of these meals have low sodium and moderate low-glycemic carbs so as to help bring our blood sugar to a stable level and prevent diabetic conditions from escalating. I have been quite outspoken about the high rate of obesity and diabetic cases that we are encountering in today’s generation.

AFM Canada and Nutrisystem

All the work that we have accomplished at Nutrisystem has gained enough support to finally catch the eye of AFM Canada which conducts research and development in the area of advanced foods and bio-materials. This is a large group of Canadian experts whose research and healthier food innovation, nutrition and traceability, has been fundamental to food policy in Canada and other countries,  resulting  in healthier people and reduced health care cost.

AFM Canada is actually a huge network built with the help of Government agencies, industry partners, professionals and researchers who are currently working on more than 20 different projects to not only understand the value of food and its basic nutritious aspects, but also to improve food and public’s opinion regarding its commercial options. Their goal is to discover ways to improve the foods we eat and fund numerous food and bio-materials related research projects. Having taken a close look at the success of Nutrisystem, AFM Canada has shown interest in an alliance that would benefit millions of lives in Canada as well. With the aim to collect and share data from Nutrisystem research projects, AFM Canada will use the Nutrisystem module to restructure the diets of many people and create a healthier life for all.

My Speech about the Benefits of Nutrisystem

Considering my history of success at different presentations, I was given the wonderful opportunity to go to Canada on World’s Healthy Day to give a speech on the benefits of Nutrisystem and the way it has truly revolutionized the food industry. Nutrisystem offers breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert, with food that helps with weight loss and reduce danger of diabetes. Customers can also add side items like healthy snacks, vegetables and fruits on their own. Nutrisystem does not provide meal plans for people with chronic kidney disorder, patients suffering from allergies and pregnant women. However, Nutrisystem does have a separate meal package for teenagers from 14 to 17. Breakfast menu usually contains granola, muffins, pancakes and oatmeal. For lunch and dinner, we pack in pizza, tacos, stew, chicken and pasta and other items. And desserts usually include cakes, brownies and cookies. As it is apparent, Nutrisystem does not believe in denying people the opportunity to eat tasty food. Rather, we focus on making food with the perfect ingredients which ultimately provide low sugar and sodium content, and less fat and carbs.

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AFM Canada Envisions a Healthier and Safer Canada for all its Residents.

As an efficient network, AFM Canada realizes that a lot of unhealthy lifestyle choices stem from lack of proper awareness. That is why it collects enough evidence and research programs to provide its people the ability to make the right choice where food is concerned. The conference on World’s Health Day was a complete success. My presentation on Nutrisystem and its significance has been effective in proving that developing healthier food is always the top priority in order to live a better life. Nutrisystem truly believes in providing people the chance to start making better decisions regarding their consumption habits. And with the support from AFM Canada, we can finally make our biggest contribution yet to making this world a better place.